Tips about Using Mobile Devices
while Working Alone

Safely working alone comes with confidently knowing, when help is needed.

There are as many ways to work alone, as there are things to do and people to do them.

When you are alone, whether as the lone person from outside visiting another group of people or the only person working at that location, your mobile device is your outside connection.

Two solid obvious rules are to make sure it is charged and make sure it is on your person.

While 'alone' always leave it on.
There may be work related reasons to use the silent vibrating ring mode but ...
- if you were to fall and end up unconscious it is the cell phones ring and vibrate that ends up being what may wake you or draw the attention of others.
- if you get busy and forget to follow up or miss others checking on you, frustration quickly can result.

When you are alone working with others...
- It is just rude to stop and use your mobile device when you are already interacting with a real person.
Even when your waiting for 'that call' consider at most a "I am with someone right now and will call back shortly".
- SMS texting and emailing should be off limits, unless it contributes to who you are currently with.
You may want to ask the other person "I'd like to write that down so I follow up properly" or "Let me get someone on that right now." Being polite, thoughtful and working in mutual interest is never wrong.
Remember, SMS texting or emailing, especially while with others, often takes more time to put together and effective message than is comfortable to those around you.

Simply, the things we have all been taught apply: don't interrupt, be aware of those around you, finish what your working on, speak clearly and listen carefully while only using your mobile devices to assist and not interrupt.