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Choosing Between Your Phone or A Corporate Phone

Both have advantages...

The WorkAlone Protocol works equally well with either.
The only requirement is pre registration of the mobile device being used.
Comparing the caller id of incoming connections confirms who the user is, without needing yet another user name
and password, extra typing or wasting time.

Corporate Owned Mobile Devices
Carriers frequently offer organizations 'deals' to upgrade all their units and bring a quantity of units to their networks. Training and operations with one type of phone on one carrier and reduced costs can be attractive.
Organizations benefit when the phones and their information are easily passed between employees and clients do not need to use or learn new phone numbers as employees change.
Employees prefer this to avoid their private number being used during non work hours, interrupting private time.
On the other hand, learning how to use a new phone or having to carry this along with a personal phone are issues.

Employee Owned Mobile Devices
Users already understand how to use their own phone and a monthly allowance is a subsidy of it and its use.
Organizations like a fixed monthly cost and avoiding all of the time consuming interaction with the carrier.
On the other hand, the workers familiarity with their handset includes all the issues of not being new, such as battery life, a non qwerty keyboard, and a mind set of making do or making the world adapt to that device. Further, with clients having the workers personal phone number comes a significant set of time use and security concerns.

Regardless a person working alone needs both the comfortable use of a mobile device and confidence in it working.