Organizations, Companies and Industries
All Have Different Work In Sync Models.

Who Has Your Back?

Organizations fit industries. Industries vary greatly.

Manufacturing presents a technically sophisticated environment with many potential surprises.

Transportation flows through both rural and urban, over changing seasons, over large distances, while handling equipment and packages, on roads that change with the weather.

The office encourages focus on the tasks at hand, at the expense of attention to the rest of the environment.

Visiting a clients location exposes the dangers at that site.

WorkAlone Protocol = Model Dependant Options

- By using three types of technology (i.e. voice, email, SMS texting) to at least three active measures support points, everyone has the reasoned expectation that help will be available, when indicated and needed. The willful blindness that nothing will happen or a dedicated person on a cell phone could work. More options make sure it works..

- By using real time, actual field information, everyone is dealing with reality, not intent, planning or after the fact stories.

- By supporting dynamic adjustments to what is at hand, everyone is dealing with reality.

- The WorkAlone Protocol works to reliably control costs, until the need for help is indicated by increased risks. Avoiding labour intensive process, dependant on human accuracy during the repetition of low risk work just makes sense. When triggered the WorkALone Protocol brings lots of human attention and thinking, based on real facts, to the situation. When triggered as many of the right people using accurate information also just make sense.

Each organization needs to be able to contact people in 'real time' as they adapt to what needs doing.

Each organization needs to have basic processes that avoid needless costs and wasted effort.