The WorkAlone Protocol

The Structured 'Model Dependant' Process For Working Alone.

- Model dependant design supports working alone in different situations.
- Two decades of evolution brings forward a simplicity of use.
- It uses a confirmation protocol, so all know that communications are working while sharing the same information.
- It sequentially or simultaneously processes active measures, to three or more, when situations arise.
- It supports the use of one, or many communications technologies.
- A culture of awareness and coordination grows from avoiding classic pitfalls.
- Each day, time is used more effectively, documents more accurately, and reduces costs - all significantly.

The WorkAlone Protocol
Improving the work alone situation is easier when built on this evolved framework. Users, those supporting them, and managers can build and adapt to changes constructively, instead of just falling back on the 'wilful blindness' that comes when the priorities and options are not clear.
The WorkAlone Protocol encourages users focus on work, avoiding the pain of reinventing with each change in size, work load or work type.
There is little point making the same mistakes or identifying the same problems others have found and already dealt with.
What works for users and organizations changes with the number of people and in response to on going work changes.

Confirms Communications Channels Are Working
Confirmation goes back to the user assuring the message content and the mobile device work, at the work location.
The mobile device, email or phone deliver your exact confirmation information to many, when the need for help is indicated.
The user knows if communications are not working as expected, allowing alternate arrangements and confidence.

Simple To Use
The session starts with 'just the facts'. No long winded discussion or distractions, confusing the follow up information to used when help is needed. The user controls the exact information for those helping later. SMS text, email or voice, which ever works best for that work alone situation, will be exactly that message supplied when active measures are required. Even where communications are not reliable, the focus is on simple and easy use. If need be, signal enhancement equipment, satellite phones, rescheduling are realistic options within the WorkAlone Protocol.

Reliable Use
Using three different technologies gives the user reliable day in, day out, performance. SMS text messaging, email and voice are all proven technologies available as appropriate, in that work alone situation. Using an exact copy of the user provided information, leaves no room for changes, loss, or human errors. The same three paths to three different levels of active measure support completes the reliability cycle, when working alone and support needs are indicated..

User Controlled Follow Up Intervals
The user sets the follow up interval. If the user forgets to react before the end of the interval reminders are sent.
The interval is a real time criteria as it can be varied, by location, task at hand, people involved, to what ever the user desires.

Dependable Active Measures
The WorkAlone Protocol uses a three tier structure. Systems with just one backup are vulnerable to anything from a person being busy, falling sick, network being down, to a dead battery, etc. The three tier structure active measures can be triggered, all at once or sequentially, to get help promptly on its way, as requested.

Complete Logging
The record of time, location, duration, interchange content, all help the worker recall activities and encourages enhanced work alone safety.
The documentation from the logs provides help with any after the fact requirements for real time recording, as well as to evaluate or adjust for changes.

Whether there are one or a hundred workers, all get followed up exactly without the problems, confusion, or the extra costs that come with one on one discussions. The capacity of any individual to monitor and manage a given number of coworkers, while doing their own jobs and dealing with their own stress level, is just not an issue. Active measures are triggered without emotion and without fail. No one is left out during a flurry of activity, when help is indicated.

A Model Dependant Structured Approach
There is no perfect "one size fits all" solution. Working alone is different in each industry and with each person working alone. Working alone is about getting the job done. The working alone is not about natural disasters or high risk violent situations where working alone is just not appropriate. The WorkAlone Protocol helps workers be aware, that things are not going on normally, with information to support help becoming available. The WorkAlone Protocol helps organizations to balance time, efficiency, and costs with timely reaction, assistance in the face of limited risks and to adapt to changing work and work loads.
The strength of this structured approach, makes the WorkAlone Protocol a great organizational tool.