The Unique Aspects Of Working Alone

Who Has Your Back?

Each worker uses their experience, education and skills while working alone, getting their job done.

Still accidents and 'stuff happens'
A trainee may follow the instructions exactly but when was the last time an accident was scripted?

Different kinds of work, different workers, different ways of getting the work done.

WorkAlone Protocol User Factors
- Users will know, before they go in, when they cannot count on mobile communications. Low battery power, poor signal strength, a busy network are not the issue, BUT not being able to depend on communications is - before you go in.

- The information users provide is directly available, when active measures are invoked. A listener hearing what was intended, recording everything correctly, remembering it all, are human verbal issues that undermine user confidence. WorkAlone Protocol requires an exact copy of the verbal recording, email, or SMS text so the user can be confident.

The unexpected can always happen, just ask Doug.

Doug had worked at his company for more than a decade. All the people respected him. He was not only one of the best managers they had worked with but could be depended on to take care of the details.
It was the start of the weekend and he was just going to change a light bulb before getting on with the weekend.
Unfortunately, the ladder tipped over and he ended up unconscious.
Laying there over the weekend he became dehydrated and further disoriented.
The work week started and a couple of the staff members went looking for Doug. When they found him a trip to the hospital was required. The days in the hospital did the trick, as his awareness returned.

It's good to know someone is paying attention and following up with what your doing - sooner rather than later.