Extra Value From WorkAlone Reports

these sum of the parts reports bring extra work alone value to grow your organizations culture of safety

Best Performance Advantages...
• Different risks, jobs, and work being done are supported by the 'Model Dependant' Flexibility.
• Everyone gets the original information, without translation, filtering or intention interpretation.
• Immediate situation updates are saved until a need arises, reducing costs and errors.
• Varying staff levels are supported, using text, email and voice - either simultaneously or sequentially.
• Situations trigger bringing from one to many others to the users aid.
• A culture of awareness, confidence and effectiveness grows each day.

3 Reports Bring Extra Value...
Three reports grow the organizations culture of safety.
 • A report of "users" confirms who and how active measures support comes to each user.
 • A report of "all activity" shows what has happened, sequentially, day in and day out.
 • A report of "activity by user" shows each users activity day by day.

  Identify what could have been done better.

  Identify time and materials.

Bill back time and materials