alone at the office...

Who has your back when you are alone and focused on work?

office procedures for working alone
You get more done without interruptions but if you trip or fall who will know?  At the office working alone

alone in production...

You carry the last chemical containers to storage, alone, while cleaning up.

working alone in production
If fumes are released or you get locked in a storage room who will know?  At the plant working alone

alone in the field...

Visiting a work site quickly at the end of the day, exposes a wide variety of risks.

visiting a work site alone
An after hours check at the job site leaves you alone and unconscious. Who will help?  In the field working alone

Working alone organizations

organizations differ...

Workers focus on the unique aspects of their jobs; alone, effectively and safely.  Organization Policies for Working Alone

WorkAlone Blog

the WorkAlone Protocol

A clear simple help process with backup redundancy that builds a culture of safety.  WorkAlone Protocol

Working Alone

workers are unique...

Workers vary in years of experience, education and job instructions.  Working Alone Users