texting can fail

Large SMS messages, longer than 150 characters,
take a lot longer than shorter SMS messages.

Why they take longer or sometimes never arrive?

- Each of Canada's telcos do their best to provide clients with fast effective service.

- For example, Bell's system identifies SMS messages shorter than 150 characters and directs them to dedicated immediate processing.
- Longer messages need to be broken into parts that are sent as one of several text messages, to be sent one after the other.
- Putting these longer SMS messages through a separate process means they don't slow down shorter ones.
- many telcos now restrict messages being sent to no more than one per second but your phone sends them all at once
- many telcos have other filters in place designed to stop bulk spamming or long list offers

- The WorkAlone process is designed with short, quick and easy communications in mind . . .
. . . users working alone in the field get the fastest message delivery the network involved allows.

The WorkAlone Protocol rewards quick easy messages, even with simpler non qwerty keyboards.