texting in the car when it is parked

Advantages of SMS Text Messaging When Working Alone

Safely working alone comes with confidently knowing, when help is needed.

A phone discussion, someone stopping by at a predetermined time, or other process, all make working alone safer.

SMS text messaging however, offers ease of providing and confirmation of that information. There is no need to write down or remember what the listener thought they heard. No issue of hearing clearly when in a noisy room. No need to ask to repeat because of an accent. Plus there is an automatic exact log of what and when..

SMS real advantages...

1) In a situation with loud noise (road or machinery for example) visible messages keep things clear.

2) SMS uses an already known, frequently used, phone number. Using Twitter, Facebook, IM messaging, email, GMail or other 'new' social media depends on everyone knowing and remembering each address or identifier. Everyone already is used to using phone numbers. No extra special lists to make, find and carry around.

3) SMS text messages is a proven performer, widely used every day - familiar and reliable.

4) Users are upgrading their cell phones to smart phones or smart phones to smarter phones and tablets. Working between them, using a commonly understood process like texting, keeps all users focused at the message being sent. SMS texting works between any network, brand of device, version of operating system or user software.

5) SMS texting uses quick short messages that encourage accuracy. There is no reward for extra chit chat. If there is a problem with communicating from a location, everyone quickly and confidently understands communications are not reliable enough to work alone, at that location.

6) SMS gives users hard copy documentation. Its easy to look at the address that was texted. No chance to transpose numbers while writing it down.

7) SMS text messages allow one text message to go to all the others in the group, 'when help is needed', instead of having to depend on a call tree or deal with the time delays as each caller calls the next looking for someone who is available to help.

8) SMS offers great value. A couple of dollars a month allows thousands of text messages instead of paying thousands for extra airtime minutes and data.

9) Even with non qwerty keyboards the message gets quickly sent. The message does not have to pass through spam filters or other filters before arriving directly. If it does not get quickly delivered users are more certain of a communications problem impacting safety at that location.

The WorkAlone Protocol uses short, quick and exact communications. SMS text messaging takes advantage of that design.