Frequently asked questions about...
working alone.

Yesterday afternoon the confirmation message never came in. What was wrong?

This is a frequent and great question.
Things are actually working properly. The worker is paying attention and aware.
Without a confirmation message the worker knows communications, at that location and time, are NOT working.
The worker was not going in with a false sense of security, assuming to have a working connection and support available.
The worker may have had a battery that was weak, maybe the network was overloaded or tower signal was weak.
Regardless it was time to reconsider what and how to proceed with out outside contact.

How can I have confidence in help coming, when I see...
- the support person in a long discussion with another worker?
- the support person has left their cell phone on the desk but is not where to be found?
Being worried about wasting time waiting to check in and out of manual work alone programs is a common issue.
The WorkAlone Protocol can have hundreds of channels so this type of delay just is not the same kind of issue as with home grown and in house procedures.
When active measures are needed the WorkAlone Protocol and services do not depend on just one person paying attention.
A dead battery or a support person in the washroom are only a couple of issues bypassed by the WorkAlone processing.
Information about the workers work alone activities is provided to all active measures support when needed so it too is not dependant on just one person.