The Problem and The Solutions - Time and Work

People have shared two messages with us... again and again.
1) Know safety with no pain.
2) Know pain with no safety.

None the less knowledge alone, like a good idea, is not enough.

Time and work are needed to implement innovation.

Real time Check In, Check Out, with the adapted follow up of WorkAlone Service is a solid combination.

Sharing lots of work details easily and quickly is the strength of the Message Board.

eGroup is the best tool to keep everyone up to the minute with important events and little effort.

When a safety officer needs to do a high resolution video for training or insurance, a workers phone breaks or a short term remote location needs signal boosting, equipment rental is an effective option.

Using time effectively allows 'knowing safety' to play a positive part in working alone.

Using time effectively sharing the work assures it gets done. Telling others is not sharing, nor does it mean they were listening, recording or will respond predictably when help is needed. Redundancy is what reduces the risk of 'knowing pain'.

Using time effectively builds a culture of safety from the log of what exactly happened, without human memory gaps.

Using time effectively comes from natural use and all knowing what, when and how ACTIVE MEASURES will execute.